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Defense of the King James Bible

One distinctive of the Primitive Baptist church about which we have many questions, is our singular commitment to use the King James Bible. This morning we attempt to present the many reasons that we hold to the use of the King James Bible in our churches . To view a more detailed study guide on this topic follow this link:

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 2-4-2018.


Divine Inspiration and Preservation of the Scriptures

We can have confidence in the scriptures because not only have they been divinely inspired by God, but also ever since their original penning, they have also been divinely and providentially preserved by God. To view a more detailed study guide on this topic follow this link:

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 1-21-2018.


Blessings of Organized Religion – Discipline

As we continue to consider the blessings of organized religion, the church is God’s ordained structure for which discipline is maintained for the God’s children. The church provides the framework and structure for how we ought to act in this world. Also, we hold each other accountable for how we ought to act in a godly way in this world.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 1-14-2018.


Necessity of the Scriptures for God’s Children

Even though sometimes we passively gloss over our requirement to study God’s word, it is an absolute and crucial necessity for every single child of God to be regularly immersed in the scriptures. As we begin a new year, I hope we all can make a renewed commitment to more diligently read and study God’s word.   Link to Daily Bible Reading Plan:

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 1-07-2018.


Paul’s Preaching to Felix

As Paul preached to Felix in Acts 24:25, “he reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come.” We consider this progression as the natural flow of thought for our evangelism of others ignorant of the gospel truth. We establish the righteousness and truth of God. Based on God’s righteousness imparted unto us in salvation, we conform our lives to the teachings of God’s word to live in a temperate and modest manner. Finally, we are reminded of the righteous judgment of God to come that will be exhibited at the last day.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-31-2017.


The Shepherds’ Gospel

On the night of the birth of Jesus Christ, a message of good tidings and great joy was delivered to some interesting characters, some shepherds in the fields of Bethlehem. They were given a message of good tidings of great joy that a Savior had come into the world. That is the same message of the gospel that we have today, and we should have the same desire to “blaze abroad” this comforting and joyful message for God’s children.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-24-2017.


Blessings of Organized Religion – Fight Error

One of the important benefits of a structured church setting is the ability to assess and correct error and false teaching. The church upholds the truth of God’s word and is commissioned with protecting that truth. When we reject the church, it’s very easy to adopt our own misinterpretations of the scriptures when left to ourselves. However, those intimately involved in the church can be lovingly corrected back to the true teaching of God’s word.  

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-17-2017.


Objections to Absolutism – Scriptural Evidences of Alternative Outcomes

As we conclude our five message series on objections to absolutism, this morning we consider a brief sample of the many instances in scripture where alternative outcomes are presented. If all events were unalterably decreed before the world began, then the multiple if-then statements in the scriptures are rendered null and void, along with many other passages. While eternal salvation is unconditional, there are many different paths our lives can take in this world based on our obedience or disobedience to God’s word.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-10-2017.


Blessings of Organized Religion

Unfortunately it’s a common objection for believers today that they do not need the church – or organized religion – to walk in discipleship with Jesus Christ. However, Jesus placed a great priority and necessity of our need to assemble with fellow minded believers for many reasons. This morning we focus on the “learning” environment that should exist in the church, growing in the word of God together.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-03-2017.


Objections to Absolutism – God’s Overruling Providence

While all events do not work together for our good and God is not controlling all events without exception, we do not want to discount the fact of God’s overruling providence in the lives of His children. God actively intervenes in the lives of His people to providentially bless, protect, and even overcome many evil deeds that occur here in this world.   

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 11-26-2017.


Election: An Uncompassionate Doctrine? Part 3

In the concluding message on answering the objection that the doctrine of unconditional and sovereign election is uncompassionate, we consider how all men are undeserving of God’s grace at all in our lives. God does not use different means of saving different people, instead we are all saved the same way, by God’s sovereign grace. When we realize how many people a means salvation excludes from possibly being saved, we see that election is actually the most compassionate doctrine in the religious world today.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 11-19-2017.


Objections to Absolutism – All Things Do Not Work Together for Good

It’s a very common response in Christianity today, to try to console those who have just endured a horrible tragedy by asserting all things without exception God is working together for the good of His children, with Rom. 8:28 as the basis. However, as we consider this morning, there are many things in this world that are not working together, and are not being worked together behind the scenes by God, for our good. Rather the beauty of Rom. 8:28 actually gives us a glimpse into the all things that hold our salvation eternally secure based on the unalterable covenant of redemption made by the Holy God who cannot lie.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 11-12-2017.


Election, An Uncompassionate Doctrine? Part 2

Unconditional election by the sovereign grace of God is actually the most inclusive and compassionate doctrine there is, certainly as compared to a choice that is based upon the actions or works of men. God’s election was completed and fixed before the foundation of the world and no act of man can hinder that decree. Let us again rejoice in God’s electing grace this morning.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 11-5-2017.


Objections to Absolutism – God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Responsibility

When we see bad things that happen in this world, we have to be careful to not place God as the cause or initiator of that wicked action. While God is fully sovereign to intervene and bless in any situation, when He removed his protective influence it’s natural for sinful actions to occur in its place. We look at several examples in scripture this morning that exhibit God’s sovereignty in the world, but how man is still held accountable for his disobedience of God’s law.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 10-29-2017.


Election – An Uncompassionate Doctrine?

The doctrine of election – God’s unconditional choice of a people to salvation – is often misunderstood and portrayed to be an uncompassionate doctrine. However, the truth is that election by God’s sovereign grace is actually the most inclusive and compassionate doctrine is there is because it does not exclude millions of people who have not met some unscriptural condition of salvation. God’s family that he chose is a multitude which no man can number (Rev. 5:9 & 7:9) which is much larger than the restricted group that most Christian groups allow with a chance for salvation.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 10-22-2017.


Objections to Absolutism – God’s Holiness & Man’s Sin

This morning we begin to consider the scriptural rejection of the doctrine of absolute predestination. Predestination, in scripture, is always regarding God’s choosing and predestinating a people, and never acknowledges the predestination of events. Man oftentimes attempts to blame God for suffering and sin in this world, but God is too holy to even look upon such sinful actions.  Rather it’s all man’s fault for the sin and suffering and pain we find in this world, while God is the source of all good and righteousness.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 10-15-2017.


Ask Now the Beasts

This morning we look at nature to consider the amazing complexity that we see in the beasts and animals in the world around us, that we are pointed to in Job.  Even such simple creatures such as woodpeckers and bees and others give great examples of how they could not have evolved to their current condition over millions of years, but clearly declare that they were created by an intelligent God.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 10-8-2017.