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Red Letter Reckoning

When we examine the words of Jesus Christ which are typically in red letters in our Bibles, we can easily determine the truth of the Lord. This morning we go through the red letters of Jesus Christ to determine what Christ taught about the salvation of sinners.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 11-10-2019


What Is A Primitive Baptist? Introduction

We are asked very commonly “What Is A Primitive Baptist?” Well over an extended series we hope to answer that question for you, considering the distinguishing the points of doctrine and practice that identify the Primitive Baptist church in Christianity today. This morning, we give an introduction to that series and give a brief overview of who we are in the Primitive Baptist Church.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 11-03-2019


Romans Road to Salvation, Part 2

The Free Will Romans Road to Salvation is fraught with many problems, potholes, and detours. This morning we consider the scriptural true Romans Road to Salvation that declares the sovereignty of God in eternal salvation and temporal deliverance and assurance when we believe that truth in our lives.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 10-20-2019


One Simple, Neglected Command

The Golden Rule is a very simple command – do unto others as you would have them do unto you – but unfortunately it’s very often neglected by God’s people. This morning we have a needful exhortation to follow that command and do good unto others in obedience to this golden rule. 

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 10-13-2019


Romans Road to Salvation, Part 1

It’s a very common presentation in Christianity to follow the Romans Road to saved to heaven. This presentation of the Romans Road to Salvation does not properly reflect the scriptural teaching of how sinners are saved by God’s sovereign grace. We attempt to follow the inspired order of the Romans to see God’s sovereignty in saving his elect.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 10-06-2019


Between the Head and Heart of the High Priest

The High Priest of Israel would carry the names of God’s people upon his shoulders and upon his head and near his heart. This beautiful picture points us towards our Great High Priest, the Lord Jesus Christ, who bears our burdens and our iniquities and makes sacrifices before the Lord for our sins and transgressions.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 9-29-2019


Success of Open Doors

As we seek to pursue open doors, we must be reminded of our total dependence upon God for success in open doors. We cannot just simply seek our what we perceive as an opportune path but submit to the leadership of the Holy Spirit to direct in seeking and pursuing open doors for the gospel.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 9-22-2019


Let Down Your Nets

After a long, hard night of toiling with catching no fish, Jesus commands Peter to launch out into the deep again and let down his nets. Even though Peter didn’t fully agree with Jesus, he submitted to the word of Jesus – nevertheless, at thy word, I will. In like manner, we need to submit to Jesus word with no questions asked, at God’s word, I will follow your commands.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 9-15-2019


Praying for Open Doors, Part 2

It’s vital for the growth of the church for God’s people to diligently pray for new open doors for the gospel to be spread. We see in scripture how God works on both ends, to burden the hearts of those in need and then for God to supply that need by burdening his ministers to preach to those desiring the truth. Let us diligently pray for open doors. 

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 9-08-2019


No Song to Sing

The Jews in Babylonian captivity were so distraught over their circumstances that they could not sing the songs of Zion in a strange land. In contrast, we in the church have been given great reasons to sing with joy to praise God for saving us by his grace.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 9-01-2019


Praying for Open Doors, Part 1

It’s vitally important that we fulfill our New Testament command to pray for open doors. We look at many admonitions in the scriptures that we pray for the ministry, pray for open doors, and pray for the free course unhindered spread of the gospel in our communities and country. 

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 8-25-2019


That Just Doesn’t Make Sense

Jesus clearly declared before Pilate that his kingdom was not of this world. This kingdom of God in the church runs totally contrary and in direct opposition to the functioning and normal logic of this world. However, the wisdom of God is much greater than the foolishness of this world and God will always cause us to prosper by following God’s way instead of the Lord’s way.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 8-18-2019


Pressing Through Open Doors, Part 2

As we continue to look at God’s opening of doors for the gospel, we consider open doors in Ephesus and Corinth in Acts 18-19. We see the amazing open doors that God opened but we also see the internal and external struggles with many adversaries that Paul endured to preach the gospel to those children of God in those cities.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 8-11-2019


God is Love (African Song & Sermon)

The Spirit of God and the Love of God transcends nations, cultures, and languages. This morning we play a sermon and song from our recent worship service in Africa. We worship the same God, sing and preach with the same Spirit, and show the same Spirit of love one to another in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ all over this world. 

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 7-28-2019


Pressing Through Open Doors

In the Acts of the Apostles, we see Paul and other preachers pressing through open doors from the Lord. However, it’s important for us to understand the challenges of pressing through open doors. Wherever there is an open doors there will also always be many adversaries, but we must not be distracted or deterred by the obstacles but to instead still press fervently into the open doors for the gospel.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 7-21-2019


Living Pictures of Grace

Whenever God gives us a doctrinal principal in the word of God, he always gives us an example to display that doctrine. There is no more vital and prominent doctrine in the word of God than grace and this morning we consider the living pictures of grace we see displayed in the word of God.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 7-14-2019


God’s Opening of Doors

God opens doors that no man can close and shuts doors that no man can close. God oftentimes sees fit to open great and effectual doors for new avenues the preaching of the gospel. This radio program is the product of one of those open doors by the Lord, as well as our preaching ministry in Africa. Listen to our message today to see how it is vital for us to seek open doors, have wisdom to discern when a door has been opened, and fervently press through those open doors by God’s grace.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 7-07-2019


Truly This Was The Son of God

When the centurion witnessed all the astounding events surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion and death he made an amazing statement: “Truly this was the Son of God”. The same centurion that had sanctioned the brutal beating of Christ, allowed his soldiers to blasphemously mock Jesus, and was the final authority to oversee the crucifixion of Christ had now had a change of heart by God’s grace and saw this truly was the Son of God. Now, we must make that same confession to profess a belief in Jesus as truly the Son of God.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 6-23-2019


What Angels Desire To Look Into

With all the astounding attributes of angels, there are actually some blessings upon men that even angels desire to look into. The angels are baffled by the gospel, that their ruler, Jesus Christ, would come to die for sinners and many other astounding works that angels are intrigued by here in this world.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 6-16-2019


The Greatest and Second Commandment

In conclusion of our messages on agape love, we summarize those commands by Jesus’ instruction to follow the greatest commandment to love God with all your heart and soul and mind. The second commandment naturally flows out of that greatest commandment, to love our neighbors as ourselves, to manifest and show the love of Christ to others in our lives.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 6-09-2019


Saving for the Saved, Part 2

God has secured eternal salvation solely by Christ’s death on the cross. However, there are many aspects of “additional salvations” that God’s children can be delivered from many things during their life here in time. Understanding this distinction of “two salvations”, one eternal based solely by the grace of God and others in time based on our obedience to God is vital to rightly dividing the word of God.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 6-2-2019


What Does Charity Look Like? Part 2

The identifying characteristics of charity (agape love in action) challenge us for how we love others in our lives. We see how charity has to be exhibited in our lives to prefer others and bless them. Finally, we are reminded of God’s love that will never fail and will endure throughout all eternity.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 5-26-2019


Saving for the Saved

One of the most important distinctions in the word of God is to understand that every reference to salvation is not describing salvation from eternal perdition. Rather, for those who have been saved by God’s sovereign grace, there is a deliverance (a salvation) here in our lives for “the eternally saved” that we can experience and enjoy here in our walk of Christian discipleship.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 5-19-2019


What Does Charity Look Like? Part 1

As we continue to look at charity – agape love in action – we are given a great practical explanation of just what that sacrificial love actually looks like in 1 Corinthians 13. Even the most seemingly grand acts are void of any value if not motivated and saturated by agape love. When we love others in our lives, we are compelled to suffer long, be kind, not puff up ourselves, to seek not our own, but instead to perpetually sacrifice our good for the good of others.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 5-12-2019


Are You Stirring a Savour or a Stink?

A savour gives a pleasant aroma to our smell, while a stink gives a very unpleasant odor to us. The sacrifice of Christ was pleasing to God and gave a pleasant aroma to God the Father in completing the work of salvation. Now, we ought to live in a way that would be a pleasing savour unto God and unto men as well.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 5-05-2019


God Is Love

God’s love that was vertically bestowed upon the beloved is the most radical, fervent expression of love this world has ever seen. Love is not properly characterized by a butterfly feeling, Disney Cinderella love – but true love was on display on a ugly, horrific cross in Judea 2,000 years ago. Based on God’s vertical love towards us, we are now called upon to display that love horizontally to others in the same radical self-sacrificial way. God’s love gives us assurance of our salvation and quenches the torment of fear. Most of all, it’s all because God loved us unconditionally – We love him, because he first loved us.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 4-28-2019


Casting Out Fear

How do we cast out fear? 1 John 4:18 tells us that perfect love casts out fear. Do you fear that you are not accepted with God or not saved? There are so many other questions that can make us worry and fear in our lives, but a proper view of the perfect love of God will cast out all fear and torment in our lives.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 4-21-2019


Love In Deed and Truth

The Apostle John challenges us to not love just in word and tongue but to exhibit love in deed and truth. Love that is just professed by our speech but not backed up and authenticated by our actions of love is empty and vain. We need to help our brothers and neighbors that stand in need to validate the love of God in our heart externally by our actions.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 4-14-2019


Hanging Out at Cornelius’ House, Part 7

God is not a respecter of persons but has chosen his elect out of every nation, kindred, people, and tongue. God is a God of choice and scripture consistently presents a God that does make choice of one person over another. However, in Acts 10, Peter now has the full realization from the evidences of regeneration of Cornelius and his house that God has a people among the Gentiles, among a people broader that just the natural born Jews.  

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 4-07-2019


If You Love Me, Keep My Commandments

The Apostle John – known as the Apostle of Love – clearly connects our obedience to God’s commandments to our love of the Lord. Simply put, we cannot profess a sincere, authentic love for God but have absolutely no regard and perpetually disobey the commandments of the Lord. Our love of Christ is established and authenticated by our love of God’s word and commands.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 3-31-2019


Hanging Out at Cornelius’ House, Part 6

As we continue to see the evidence of grace in Cornelius’ house prior to Peter’s preaching, Peter affirms that these Gentiles are already accepted and had spiritual life before God prior to hearing the gospel. We look at the other examples of spiritual life and acceptance with God before the message of the gospel has come to God’s people.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 3-24-2019


Building Up To Charity

In Peter’s final epistle, he introduces his closing admonitions to God’s elect by telling them to grow in their walk of discipleship, building up to agape love, charity. We are given faith in the new birth, but we have to learn to exhibit these other 7 traits of Christian maturity and discipleship with the final pinnacle being the agape, self-sacrificial love towards others that Christ has manifested towards us.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 3-17-2019


Hanging Out at Cornelius’ House, Part 5

As Peter shows up to preach to Cornelius, he finds something he didn’t expect. He sees the evidences that these Gentiles are “already accepted with God”. Peter declares this when he arrives, prior to his preaching and these Gentiles’ belief and acceptance of the gospel. This shows that regeneration and acceptance before God is separate and distinct from our knowledge and belief of the gospel.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 3-10-2019


Do You Agape Love Christ?

Jesus presents Peter with a very challenging question in John 21 – do you agape love me? Do you love me such a self-sacrificial manner that you are willing to give up everything, to die for me? Peter had previously thought he had that self-sacrificial commitment to the Son of God, but he failed when he was challenged and denied the Lord. Now, Peter is only willing to commit to phileo brotherly love to Christ. However, by the end of his life, Peter has now found that agape love and exhorts us to progress towards that self-sacrificing love to Christ as well.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 3-03-2019


Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

Almost everyone is familiar with the line in the Christian hymn, “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” But what does the Bible really tell us about the love of Jesus? We see from scripture that Jesus is not waiting on you to make a decision or perform an action so he can love you and keep on loving you. No, God has loved his people with an everlasting love, and it’s not based on what we have done because we have no love for God in our natures. The Bible tells us that God loved us when we did not love God, when we were enemies towards him, when we were dead in sins with no capacity for love. The Bible tells us that God loved us when we were unlovable, and thus calls upon us to love others in the same manner that God has loved us. “Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” (1 John 4:10)

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 2-17-2019


Hanging out at Cornelius’ House, Part 3

As we continue to see the examples of Cornelius’ regenerated state prior to gospel conversion, God took note of a memorial of the good deeds of Cornelius, showing his currently accepted state before the Lord. God put down a sheet from heaven to Cornelius as well. Just as with any good and perfect gift, this revelation came down from God, came down from above.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 2-10-2019


A Voice in the Wilderness

In conclusion of Zacharias’ prophecy we see the correct purpose of the gospel. Zacharias had already declared the work of Christ as our Redeemer, but now the purpose of the preacher and the voices called to cry in the wilderness is to declare the message of salvation. Not to offer an invitation for salvation but to declare it as complete, finished, and done – to deliver a message of comfort to the sin-sick soul of the child of God.


Hanging Out at Cornelius’ House, Part 2

As we continue to look at evidences of Cornelius’ regenerated state, we see he was a praying man who was ministered to by an angel of God. The wicked cannot offer up true prayers before God, but Cornelius’ prayers came up before God as a memorial, certifying that he was already accepted by the Lord. Also, the Lord sent an angel to Cornelius, which is only applicable due to his state as already being an heir of salvation before the gospel arrived by the mouth of Peter.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 1-27-2019


Redeemer of His People

Zacharias, after his speech is restored after John’s birth, begins a Holy Spirit inspired prophecy of the upcoming work of the babe still in Mary’s womb. That babe, Jesus Christ, would be a Savior. He would redeem his people and save them from the hand of their enemies and would fully perform the covenant of God, to save his people from their sins. That was the work of Jesus even from his birth. He finished the work and fully saved his people upon the cross.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 1-20-2019


Hanging out at Cornelius’ House

As we see evidence in Peter’s preaching visit to the house of Cornelius, he found a man who already feared God. Since God takes pleasure in those that fear him, and we cannot please God without faith, that gives us an implicit evidence that Cornelius had faith before Peter’s arrival. However, after hearing the gospel, that ignorant faith became a strengthened and emboldened faith.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 1-13-2019


Leaping for Joy

As Mary arrives in the home of Elizabeth, her cousin, we have an amazing account of John the Baptist leaping in the womb of his mother for joy. John here displays the fruit of the Spirit (joy), affirming he is already born again in his mother’s womb. Therefore, John here gives the pattern for “every one that is born of the Spirit” (John 3:8), as he (like every other child of God) is born again by the immediate direct work of the Holy Spirit on the heart, without the use of any human means or conditions.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 1-06-2019


Jesus is the Golden Rule

Jesus Christ instituted what we know as the Golden Rule, but Christ did not impose a standard upon his people that he himself did not meet. Christ commands us to love those who do not love us, and he set the standard by first loving his enemies that previously cared nothing for him. Christ commands us to do good and give freely to others and he did good to those who could do no good in themselves, but we have now been given the imputed goodness of Christ that gives us the ability to serve and please him.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-30-2018


The Announcements of Gabriel

In Luke 1, the angel Gabriel gives two announcements of upcoming births that would change the course of human history. Interestingly enough, these two announcements were made to two relatives and cousins, one a young girl from Nazareth and the other an old lady and preacher’s wife in the hill country of Judea. They had been chosen by God as the vessels to bring John the Baptist and Jesus Christ into this world.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-23-2018


What God Does for Donkeys

Man’s nature is stubborn and contrary to authority, just like the donkeys by nature. However, we see in the word of God how the Lord subdues the stubborn nature of man, overpowering him by the Lamb. God has changed our obstinate donkey nature and gave us a tender heart to serve the Lord, we’ve been saved by the blood of the Lamb.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-16-2018


The Accomplishment of Christ’s Decease

As Moses and Elias confirm from their conversation with Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration, the death of Jesus Christ “accomplished” its intended purpose. Jesus did not come trying to save sinners, and he was foiled in his effort of salvation. No, but rather Jesus fully accomplished his intended purpose and saved all his people from their sins.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-09-2018


A King Like No Other, Part 2

Jesus is the only King of kings and Lord of lords. However, Christ’s kingdom is not of this world, running directly contrary to the normal order of kingdom’s in this world. Jesus did not cater to the societal elite; he did not build great armies and weapons; he did not rule as a despot, but the Son of God instead became a servant, setting the example for us to live contrary to this world as well. 

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-02-2018


Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

What can we possibly offer back to such a great and majestic God like ours for all his benefits in our lives and saving our eternal souls from damnation? One of the most simplistic offerings we can make back to God is the “sacrifice of thanksgiving”. Every child of God has been appointed to a holy priesthood and the most important function of your role as priest is to offer sacrifices to God. God has given us a body to offer back to him as a living sacrifice and one of the most simple but still yet prominent sacrifices are simply saying “Thank you” to the Lord, to offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving unto our God.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 11-25-2018


The Suffering Servant

Jesus put aside his divinity to come into this world to save a people. However, we see from Isaiah 53’s depiction of this lot, this people is not a good people worthy of God’s favor, but rather a rebellious and disobedient people. In spite of the elect’s pitiful state, Jesus was willing to sacrifice himself to save his people from their sins.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 11-18-2018