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The Accomplishment of Christ’s Decease

As Moses and Elias confirm from their conversation with Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration, the death of Jesus Christ “accomplished” its intended purpose. Jesus did not come trying to save sinners, and he was foiled in his effort of salvation. No, but rather Jesus fully accomplished his intended purpose and saved all his people from their sins.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-09-2018


A King Like No Other, Part 2

Jesus is the only King of kings and Lord of lords. However, Christ’s kingdom is not of this world, running directly contrary to the normal order of kingdom’s in this world. Jesus did not cater to the societal elite; he did not build great armies and weapons; he did not rule as a despot, but the Son of God instead became a servant, setting the example for us to live contrary to this world as well. 

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-02-2018


Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

What can we possibly offer back to such a great and majestic God like ours for all his benefits in our lives and saving our eternal souls from damnation? One of the most simplistic offerings we can make back to God is the “sacrifice of thanksgiving”. Every child of God has been appointed to a holy priesthood and the most important function of your role as priest is to offer sacrifices to God. God has given us a body to offer back to him as a living sacrifice and one of the most simple but still yet prominent sacrifices are simply saying “Thank you” to the Lord, to offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving unto our God.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 11-25-2018


The Suffering Servant

Jesus put aside his divinity to come into this world to save a people. However, we see from Isaiah 53’s depiction of this lot, this people is not a good people worthy of God’s favor, but rather a rebellious and disobedient people. In spite of the elect’s pitiful state, Jesus was willing to sacrifice himself to save his people from their sins.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 11-18-2018


Hard Sayings & The Words of Eternal Life

In summary of Jesus’ preaching in John 6, we see two distinct reactions to Jesus’ message of the sovereignty of God in salvation. Some people were offended by the doctrines of grace as some disciples walked away from Christ. However, in contrast, the apostles viewed the doctrines of grace and Jesus extolling of God’s sovereignty of salvation as the words of eternal life and Christ as the only source of that beautiful message of the gospel.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 11-11-2018


A King Like No Other

Jesus Christ’s kingdom is truly not of this world, running fully contrary to the customs of the kingdoms of this world. Christ didn’t come to cater and entice the worldly nature of man to accept him as their king. Instead, Jesus set up a kingdom and ruled as it’s king not concurrent but in opposition to this world.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 11-04-2018


The Flesh and Blood of Christ

Christ’s admonition of the necessity of partaking of his flesh and drinking of his blood have led to some very eccentric interpretations of these verses in John 6:53-59. This morning we try to consider the proper interpretation of these verses – simply another admonition by Christ to believe on him as God manifest in the flesh and believe in his blood as the only atonement for your sins. Let us profess that belief of Christ today. 

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 10-28-2018


Jesus Never Needed Your Consent

Even though man’s innate pride thinks that we must give our consent to be saved, scripture contrarily teaches that we are saved and represented by Christ apart from our consent. This morning we look at the doctrine of federal headship and the many examples around us and also in scripture where we were represented by others, apart from our consent.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 10-21-2018


Drawing Power of God

During Jesus’ sermon in John 6, he continually circles back to his people “coming” unto him. What is this “coming” that Jesus is referring to? Like any good preacher (with Christ being the great preacher), he clearly defines his terms that God causes the sinner to “come to him” by sovereignly drawing the passive child to him in the new birth; not the dead sinner choosing to come unto him because as Jesus clearly states, that is impossible – “No man can come unto me”. However, God made a divine exception in salvation to draw his children unto him. It’s after that sovereign, monergistic drawing by God that one can manifest the evidence of eternal life and believe on the name of Christ.  

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 10-14-2018


The Successful Savior

Christ came into this world with a stated and definite purpose. A people were given to Christ before the foundation of the world, and Jesus perfectly saved every one of the elect given unto him. Then, at the end of time, that same group will be raised up in the resurrection and saved in heaven, without the loss of a single one.  

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 9-30-2018


Comforting Like Christ, Part 2

As Christ comforts us, we are obligated to pay forward that comfort to help and comfort others as well. We see how God intercedes for us with action and deliverance, and we must help others through our actions. Christ also communicates and encourages our soul in times of trouble, and we can encourage others in like manner.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 9-23-2018


The Work of God

In Jesus discourse in John 6, there are some Jews who were seeking to labor for God, but they were wanting to labor for more good food. Instead, Jesus tells them the ultimate work they could perform unto God was to believe in his name. Jesus settled once and for all the debate over is belief a work. Jesus declared that belief is a work and thus cannot be an ingredient of our salvation, since salvation is totally by grace and not of any works on our part.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 9-16-2018


Comforting Like Christ

Christ has been so good to us, we ought to pass it on. That’s certainly true of the comfort of the Lord. As we consider the stability, compassion, and presence of God in our life that is a comfort to us, we should exhibit those same characteristics in providing the comfort of the Lord to others around us as well.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 9-09-2018


Jesus Walks on the Water

In a very familiar account in the gospels, this morning we look at Jesus walking upon the water. This shows the necessity of faith in the midst of the storms of this life, to keep our “gaze of faith” solely transfixed on Christ despite any problems that may arise and we shall be blessed even in the midst of severe tempest in our lives. 

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 9-02-2018


Gathering of Israel, Part 2

In conclusion of the message, we consider other verses that point to toward fulfillment in the church, in the kingdom of God, not in a future earthly kingdom set up by Christ. We don’t need to miss the joys and blessings of the kingdom of God that is at hand, here in the church today. 

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 8-26-2018


Gathering of Israel, Part 1

There’s a common misconception, driven by the modern Zionist movement among other things, of a future restoration of the natural nation of Israel before or at the second coming of Christ. While some portion of that may be the case, this morning we see that many of the promises for the gathering of God’s people Israel is fulfilled in the church, not in a fictitious future kingdom to come.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 8-19-2018


Feeding of the Five Thousand Men

As we begin to go through John 6, we see a very notable miracle, the only specific miracle in Jesus’ ministry that is addressed in all four gospels. Jesus feeds the five thousand who were in need, he feeds his sheep who are in need of sustenance and a shepherd, reminding us that Jesus is always faithful to provide for our needs, both in life and in the church.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 8-12-2018


Can the Elect be Deceived? Part 2

In the second part of this message, we look at multiple examples in the scriptures of the possibility of God’s children falling away from the truth. This message is not to scare God’s children, but for us to be sober-minded and vigilant to watch to remain devoted to the truth of God’s word.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 8-05-2018.


Can the Elect be Deceived? Part 1

While nothing can separate a child of God from his eternal home in heaven, there are some who falsely teach that the child of God is invinceable, and not subject to fall or fail here in this world. While we should all strive to diligent follow the Lord, the scriptures do teach that some can and do fall away from the truth. We must be vigilant to protect ourselves from these pitfalls of the world quenching our discipleship.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 7-29-2018.


The People and the Work Given to Christ

Scripture consistently affirms that there was a distinct, definite group given unto Christ to save. This group of people were the elect, that God chose to love and save, and that group was given unto Christ who made a covenant to save them. Jesus declared on the cross that he had finished the work given unto him, so he perfectly saved all the people that were given unto him. 

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 7-22-2018.


The Tribulation Equation, Part 2

In concluding thoughts on the Tribulation Equation from Romans 5:1-5, we look at practical examples in the scriptures of how disciples overcame tribulation to be saved by hope. Jeremiah, Hannah, and Paul among many others endure their tribulation, felt the hope and love of God shed abroad in their heart in comfort and assurance.   

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 7-15-2018.


What Did Jesus Finish?

Jesus came into this world with a distinctive and definite stated purpose – to save his people from their sins and to give eternal life to every one that was given to him. Did Jesus finish that work? Yes, he did. That was Jesus’ final battle cry of victory upon the cross, It is finished! The work of salvation for his people was fully and finally completed by Christ’s work on the cross.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 7-08-2018.


Save Yourselves from this Untoward Generation

This world is wicked, polluted, and it vexes the righteous soul of the children of God day-by-day. However, there is a salvation and deliverance for God’s children when they take heed to the Apostle Peter’s admonition to save themselves from this untoward generation. Our belief of the gospel does not get us born again or save us to heaven, but the gospel can lift our gaze and give us deliverance and hope that this world is not our home – we’re just a long time traveling here below to lay this body down.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 7-01-2018.


The Tribulation Equation

Even in the midst of tribulation, the child of God can follow the divine equation that should produce hope in our hearts. When we faithfully endure tribulation with patience, that builds experiences for us to draw upon, and then we should be emboldened and further strengthened in our faith to hope in the deliverance and power of God.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 6-24-2018.


Sonship and the New Birth

The scriptures make it abundantly clear that God’s relationship to us as our adoptive Father predates our knowledge of that fact. Man does not cry out to God in order to get born again, get life, and become a son of God. Instead, our outward cry in belief (which is predated by the new birth in their heart) is the effect – not the cause – of our sonship that God has initiated and procured by adopting us into his family.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 6-17-2018.


Every Tongue Should Confess

At the last day, all men shall bow down and confess the authority and sovereignty of God. We also see throughout scripture many examples where unlikely sources declared the authority and power of God, even sometimes unbeknownst to them. Every tongue should confess God’s power here on earth, but there will come a time that every tongue without exception will confess Jesus as Lord.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 6-10-2018.


Confession of Whose Sins? (1 John 1:9)

In a misguided attempt to implore the sinner to confess his sins and get saved for eternity, 1 John 1:9 is unfortunately often presented as an invitation to salvation to the cooperative sinner. However, we see from the audience that John was actually addressing that they were already forgiven of their sins, already of God, and clearly already saved. Rather than trying to save them to eternal life, instead John is giving assurance to the saved children of God who fail the Lord that God is loving to forgive them each and every time we falter when we honestly confess our sins before the Lord. 

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 6-03-2018.


Science Catching up to the Bible, Part 2

In another message on the scientific accuracy of the Bible, we see how the Bible presents mankind as one race, as lineage from one woman, and rejects the false doctrine of evolution and Darwinism. We see the stars which are articulated in the scriptures presented the vastness of the heavens, but it took men a long time to catch up the truths that were revealed in scriptures from long ago.    

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 5-27-2018.


Intelligent Design or Random Chance

When Aaron tried to pass off the golden calf that he had sinfully crafted as just a random object that somehow just popped out of the fire, Moses didn’t buy that foolishness. But for some reason all of the atheist, evolutionist, and secular humanist want to convince us that an intricately designed creation and especially humans, just randomly popped out of the fire like that golden calf. Intelligent people can clearly see that intelligent design was the basis for this world’s creation, and it was masterful crafted by the Intelligent Designer.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 5-20-2018.


Science Catching up with the Bible

The Bible is the only true source of truth in this world. Many try to undermine not only the divine inspiration but also the divine preservation of the scriptures by saying it’s incompatible with science. However, when properly examined the Bible has presented “cutting edge science” long before the secular community ever caught up with the knowledge presented to us in the Bible. In the scriptures we learn about a circular earth, the moon’s impacts on the tides, the jet stream, the water cycle, and many other scientific truths long before they were ever accepted by the supposed academics among men.    

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 5-13-2018.


Do You Know the Lord?

While the emphasis in modern Christianity is placed on your initiating a relationship with the Lord, instead the more appropriate question is God’s relationship with you. We should not ask “do you know the Lord?” but the more important question is “does the Lord know you”? God has intimately known his elect bride from before the world even began, long before we came to a gospel knowledge to know the Lord in our own mind and heart.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 5-06-2018.


Trust in the Lord with All Thine Heart

Proverbs 3:5-6 is a very popular verse in the Christian culture today. However, this verse is teaching that oftentimes that we have to trust God’s will and way, even if it doesn’t make sense to us and runs contrary to our own natural thoughts. We must trust God in faith, commending our way and pathway over to him, even in those times when God’s guidance runs contrary to the path that we think is best for us; God’s path is always better than our pathway.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 4-22-2018.


The Motive, Mess, Miracle, and Motions – Part 4

After the Lord has changed our inward motives by giving his children a new heart, now the outward exhibition of that work is a change in the “motions”, producing a significant change of course in the actions of our life. This change of motions should affect our speech, affect our disposition to forgive others, and strengthen the commitment and devotion in our marriages.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 4-15-2018.


Psalm 119, An Exaltation of God’s Word

The longest chapter in the Bible is Psalm 119, which an acrostic song that is principally exalting the word of God. Here we see the value and blessing that God has left for us in inspiring and preserving his word. Therefore, we should have a love, delight, and passion to invest ourselves in the scriptures. We hope you will read Psalm 119 this week to see this beautiful exaltation of God’s word.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 4-08-2018.


Law Salvation, All or Nothing

For any who place the need of obedience of works (or even the law) for eternal salvation, we are reminded that the scriptures require obedience perfectly to the whole law. The good news for those who fail before the law, is that Jesus perfectly obeyed the law of God and his obedience and righteousness are imputed unto his elect. We need to live in the liberty of grace, and not be constrained by the bondage of the law.   

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 4-01-2018.


Purpose and Profitability of the Scriptures

God inspired his word for the purpose of thoroughly furnishing the children of God in this world, so we could serve and glorify God in good works. The scriptures give us the standard for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness, and we consider other declarations of scripture for the purpose of God’s inspiration of the word of God.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 3-25-2018


The Motive, Mess, Miracle, and Motions – Part 3

In spite of the “mess” that Adam and all men after him have made of this world, the miracle of the gospel is God’s salvation of sinners. In spite of our corrupt motives and our hearts that are tainted with sin, we are able to see the miracle of God’s love and salvation of His chosen people.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 3-18-2018.


Meditation on the Scriptures

It is crucial for the children of God to not just read the scriptures but to meditate upon them, to constantly revolve them in our mind. What we truly love and care about is what is the constant thoughts of our mind. Therefore, if we truly love God’s word as we are commanded to, then we will constantly be meditating on the word both day and night.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 3-11-2018.


The Motive, Mess, Miracle, and Motions – Part 2

Man in his own prideful nature wants to think that we are generally good in our heart. However, that denies the truth of “the mess” that man is in by his own depraved and corrupt nature. In the scriptures, there is no denying the ruined condition that is the result of “the mess” created by Adam and man’s corrupted heart.   

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 3-04-2018.


How to Study the Scriptures

For the sincere disciple of Christ, one might ask: how do I study the scriptures? Well, you must first begin by making a commitment to read the Bible, to understand fully what the scriptures say as a whole. Then as you begin to study the Bible more in depth, we look at how you need to determine the context – both the scriptural, historical, and grammatical context of the writer’s intended audience and message. Finally, we must approach the scriptures with a prayerful reliance upon God to open our understanding to beautiful truths of the word of God.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 2-25-2018.


The Motive, Mess, Miracle, and Motions – Part 1

God sees much deeper than man does; he knows the thoughts and the intents of our hearts. Therefore, God does not just judge us by our outward actions but he looks down even unto the motives of our heart that precipitated that action. Sins of the heart before God are just as egregious as sins of external actions, as we see from Jesus’ examples of lust and murder in the heart. Our motives should be to serve God from the heart, with a pure heart, fervently, loving God and loving others as we ought.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 2-11-2018.


Defense of the King James Bible

One distinctive of the Primitive Baptist church about which we have many questions, is our singular commitment to use the King James Bible. This morning we attempt to present the many reasons that we hold to the use of the King James Bible in our churches . To view a more detailed study guide on this topic follow this link:

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 2-4-2018.


Divine Inspiration and Preservation of the Scriptures

We can have confidence in the scriptures because not only have they been divinely inspired by God, but also ever since their original penning, they have also been divinely and providentially preserved by God. To view a more detailed study guide on this topic follow this link:

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 1-21-2018.


Blessings of Organized Religion – Discipline

As we continue to consider the blessings of organized religion, the church is God’s ordained structure for which discipline is maintained for the God’s children. The church provides the framework and structure for how we ought to act in this world. Also, we hold each other accountable for how we ought to act in a godly way in this world.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 1-14-2018.


Necessity of the Scriptures for God’s Children

Even though sometimes we passively gloss over our requirement to study God’s word, it is an absolute and crucial necessity for every single child of God to be regularly immersed in the scriptures. As we begin a new year, I hope we all can make a renewed commitment to more diligently read and study God’s word.   Link to Daily Bible Reading Plan:

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 1-07-2018.


Paul’s Preaching to Felix

As Paul preached to Felix in Acts 24:25, “he reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come.” We consider this progression as the natural flow of thought for our evangelism of others ignorant of the gospel truth. We establish the righteousness and truth of God. Based on God’s righteousness imparted unto us in salvation, we conform our lives to the teachings of God’s word to live in a temperate and modest manner. Finally, we are reminded of the righteous judgment of God to come that will be exhibited at the last day.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-31-2017.


The Shepherds’ Gospel

On the night of the birth of Jesus Christ, a message of good tidings and great joy was delivered to some interesting characters, some shepherds in the fields of Bethlehem. They were given a message of good tidings of great joy that a Savior had come into the world. That is the same message of the gospel that we have today, and we should have the same desire to “blaze abroad” this comforting and joyful message for God’s children.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-24-2017.


Blessings of Organized Religion – Fight Error

One of the important benefits of a structured church setting is the ability to assess and correct error and false teaching. The church upholds the truth of God’s word and is commissioned with protecting that truth. When we reject the church, it’s very easy to adopt our own misinterpretations of the scriptures when left to ourselves. However, those intimately involved in the church can be lovingly corrected back to the true teaching of God’s word.  

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-17-2017.


Objections to Absolutism – Scriptural Evidences of Alternative Outcomes

As we conclude our five message series on objections to absolutism, this morning we consider a brief sample of the many instances in scripture where alternative outcomes are presented. If all events were unalterably decreed before the world began, then the multiple if-then statements in the scriptures are rendered null and void, along with many other passages. While eternal salvation is unconditional, there are many different paths our lives can take in this world based on our obedience or disobedience to God’s word.

The Gospel of Grace Radio Broadcast from 12-10-2017.